September 4, 2010

*Football Season*

WooooooHoooooo Football season is finally here i love it!! Let go KENTUCKY WILDCATS!!
Today was the big game for UofK Vs. our #1 rival UofL!! And they Won!! WOOHOO!! I love me some football!! :)

July 20, 2010


Well we are back from Florida!!! Had a great time, i will have to post some picture soon. We go back the 17th. I would have been on here sooner but a friend of the family passed away the day before we headed home and then my great aunt Helen passed away too!! So we have been very busy with going to the funeral homes and everything. I really feel like this summer i have had to go or do somethin every day, there is only about 2 weeks before school starts and i havent had any time to my self to do anything!! This friday be and my friend Kathryn are going to the fair to the tractor pull so i cant wait!! I will post some pictures of our vacation in a little bit or in the next couple of days!! Oh yeah i almost forgot. My cousin Cliff that is in the Army got to come home while we was in Florida. He came to my mamaws and had talk with her, he is missing being home. I didnt get to see him but he is doing really good and still going to Koria next month. Please keep him in your prayers!!

July 6, 2010

Sorry i havnt posted anything for a while. I have been very busy. I now have a job watching my niece morgan and my nephew connor all week and iv been packing we are leaving out for florida in 3 days!!So i probably wont be on much next week.Im a little late But HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!! One thing i have to say is THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ALL THE SOLDIERS WHO HAVE FOUGHT FOR OUR FREEDOM!! I know there are so many who havnt came home and there are so many that have so thank them all!!

June 15, 2010


This week at my church for missions, in stead of sending money some where we are buying bibles for all the branches in the military. Marines,Army ect.. Our goal is to buy at least a case which is 32 bibles. Our church is very small and only has about 20-25 adults on a Sunday!! So this week we actually have more kids come them we have ever had. We had about 15 kids!! So we are so excited to send them and write in them and encourage them to do there best and read there bible as much as they can and know that god can get them through this and home to see their families.

June 11, 2010

*Up date On Cliff*

Well Cliff is going to Korea is August. He hasn't got to come in yet from training but he should be coming in anytime now. Before he left we kinda got into a little fight and we really haven't been the same since. I really want to fix that because i know anything could happen. So know i'm going to work on that!! I would really appreciate it if you all would still pray for him. He needs a lot of it. lol He is a smarty pants so many people dont take no crap off of him and thats just what he needs right now in his life. I hope for him the best of everything!!

May 30, 2010

R.I.P LCPL Matt Hanson

Yesterday i went down to my cousins house to honor LCPL Matt Hanson who as passed away with a cook out. In his honor everyone got a balloon with a small card on the end of the string to write a note to him and we was going to send it to heaven!! We all let them go at the same time and as i watch everyone of them balloons went up the the same cloud and dissapered. Now you tell me that aint something! One of the most amazing things i have ever seen and i thought i would share it with you!! :)

May 28, 2010

*This Memorial Day*

Please go out and honor our troops how have lost there lives in the war!!!